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Established over 30 years ago in beautiful Lorne Park, Mississauga, Le Délice Pastry Shop creates deliciously decadent French-inspired cakes and pastries.

We specialize in fresh, handmade cakes, pies, croissants, tarts and squares, but we are especially loved for our cookies and delicious chunky chicken pies.

We only use fresh whole eggs, sweet butter, 35% whipping cream and the very best Belgian chocolate.

We have been part of all the memories since 88′ and will continue to be there for you.

Summer Cakes Selection

Dark chocolate Mousse

Our most popular cake, it consists of layers of dark chocolate cake between layers of dark chocolate mousse. It is wrapped in a dark chocolate ribbon “It’s excellent!”  Topped with dark chocolate shavings.

Triple Chocolate Millennium Mousse Cake

A thin layer of chocolate cake, topped with 3 chocolate mousse layers: white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate. Smooth and creamy. “It’s very popular!”

Opera Cake

Thin layers of Hazelnut Meringue cake between layers of mocha buttercream, glazed in dark chocolate. “It’s delicious!”

Fruit Cheese Cake

Very thick and rich with a graham cracker crust covered with juicy fresh fruit (ex. strawberries, clementine, raspberries, kiwi) “It’s excellent!”


Strawberry Shortcake

Layers of meringue, vanilla cake, and whipping cream folded with fresh strawberries. “It’s delicious!

Lemon Chiffon

Thin layers of white cake pinwheels on the sides, with tart and creamy lemon mousse inside. . “It’s very popular!”

Strawberry Mango

Strawberry & Mango mousses between layers of almond meringue (Flourless)


The appearance of each cake is dependent on the availability of fresh fruit and the artistic mood of the pastry chef.

Cake Prices

6”serves 5-6: $20.95
7” serves 8-10: $28.95
Large Round (10”) serves 16-20: $55.00
Rectangle (half-slab) serves 30-35: $80.00
Large Square (12-1/2”) serves 50-60: $100.00
Large Rectangle (full slab) serves 80-100: $130.00


Warning: Nut Allergy
All of our products may contain, or have come into contact with a variety of nuts, including but not limited to hazelnuts, pecans, pistachios, peanuts, walnuts & almonds.

Summer Pies & Flans Selection

Apple Crisp Pie

Fresh Ontario apples topped with oat streusel (oats, sugar, butter, flour)

Bread Pudding

cranberry/blueberry or cinnamon-raisin in a baked custard OR Savoury Swiss cheese/ Ham & Cheese


Double Berry Clafouti

baked custard with whole raspberries & Blueberries in a shortbread crust


Keylime Flan

Classic tart, creamy key lime custard in a shortbread crust


Fresh Ontario peaches & blueberries with a pie pastry top

Rhubarb Peach Pie

Fresh peaches & rhubarb topped with Honey Almond Struese

Strawberry Rhubarb

Seasonal best strawberries and fresh rhubarb with a lattice pie pastry crust

Plum Almond Flan

Summer Plums with a moist almond cake in a shortbread crust

Peach Pie with Pecan Streusels

Fresh peaches topped with pecan streusel topping (butter, flour & sugar)


"Le Délice" means 'blissful delight'

Contact Us

Le Délice Pastry Shop map
(in the Centennial Plaza)
1150 Lorne Park Road
Mississauga, Ontario
L5H 3A5

Phone: (905) 278-9684
Email: info@ledelicepastryshop.com



Monday to Friday
8:00am – 6:00pm

8:00am – 5:00 pm

Closed on Sundays